Choosing the right size

Dog Clothes Sizing Chart

Use this general guide help you choose the right size when buying apparel. Keep in mind that different manufacturers may size their clothes a little differently


Think;  Chihuahua, Toy Breeds, Miniature Dog Breeds

NECK: 5.5" | BACK: 7" | CHEST: 12"


NECK: 6.5" | BACK: 9" | CHEST: 15"


NECK: 8" | BACK: 13" | CHEST: 19"


Think; Boxer, German Shepherd

NECK: 10" | BACK: 17" | CHEST: 24"


Think; Mastiff, Great Dane

NECK: 13.5" | BACK: 20" | CHEST: 29"

  • Clothes protect your dog from rain, snow and cold temperatures.
  • Booties and socks protect your dog's paws from ice, hot, and rough surfaces.
  • Dog clothes add a layer of comfort and help to reduce skin contact with biting insects, fleas, and tics.
  • Clothing can help those with allergies by reducing the amount of loose hair and dander. Can also reduce the amount of hair on your furniture.